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April 12 & 13, 2014 State of the Map US


The conference on April 12 and 13 featured a series of sessions on OpenStreetMap from community, business, government and non profit sector. We focused on technology, mapping parties, ideas and tools to help improve the map, and much more. Videos are available for all sessions - just click on a session below to watch.

Friday, April 11th

6:30 - 10PM

Kick off party

Mapbox Garage

We’re kicking off the conference weekend with a party at the Mapbox Garage. Come out to meet other conference participants before the main event, and enjoy a few beers while talking OpenStreetMap. There will also be snacks, music, and foosball. Mapbox Garage, 1714 14th Street NW Alley.

Saturday, April 12th

8am - 5:30pm


Washington Convention Center
Track One - 144AB Track Two - 144C
8 AM Registration
9:00 AM Welcome to State of the Map US 2014
Let's Map! OpenStreetMap in your Organization
9:45 AM

Make Maps Better, Together — Collaborative Mapping the GitHub Way

Mike Skalnik, GitHub

Building Businesses Using OpenStreetMap

Eric Rodenbeck, Stamen
10:15 AM

Faites Vos Jeux: Announcing MapRoulette Next Generation

Martijn van Exel, Telenav

Open Tools and Data for the News

Ken Schwencke, Los Angeles Times
10:45 AM Coffee break
Engaging Community Improving the map
11:15 AM

Where Are the US Mappers At? Contributor and Data Development in US Urbanized Areas

Dennis Zielstra and Pascal Neis

Mapping the World in Raster

Kevin Bullock, DigitalGlobe
11:45 AM

Keeping Out Of the Way - the OpenStreetMap Foundation

Matt Amos, OpenStreetMap Foundation

OpenStreetMap Data in Production OR Labeling OSM Streets with Foursquare and Mapreduce

David Blackman, Foursquare
12:15 PM

More Open - Why It's Time To Drop Share-Alike

Alex Barth, Mapbox

Slide: Auto-drawing Geometry to Remove the Pains of Map Tracing

Paul Mach, Strava
12:45 PM Lunch
1:45 PM Group photo
Engaging community Transportation & Routing
2:00 PM

Implementing Change in OpenStreetMap

John Firebaugh, Mapbox

Leveraging OpenStreetMap for Pedestrian Experience Modeling and Analysis

Katie Urey, Oregon Walks-Portland State University GIS Jammers
2:30 PM

Engaging the OpenStreetMap Community: A NYC Government Perspective

Colin Reilly, NYC DoITT

Telenav OpenStreetMap Editing Experiences

Kristen Kam, Telenav
3:00 PM

Meeting in Person: Why, How, and What's Next

Kathleen Danielson, OpenStreetMap US

Simulating Cities with OpenStreetMap and OpenTripPlanner Analyst

Kevin Webb, conveyal
3:30 PM Coffee break
Geocoding Education
4:00 PM

Pelias: A New OpenStreetMap Geocoder With Elasticsearch

Randy Meech, Mapzen

OpenStreetMap in the Classroom

Nuala Cowan & Richard Hinton, George Washington University Department of Geography
4:30 PM

A High Volume, Low Latency Reverse Geocoder, and the Horse You Rode In On

Tyler Bell, Factual

Teaching Mapping to Geographers

Stephanie May, Urban Mapping, San Francisco State University and Alan McConchie, Stamen
5:00 PM Lightning talks
7PM onwards

Social event

Rocket Bar

Join us for a party at the Rocket Bar starting at 7:00 pm. This will be a great time to continue conversations from the conference, meet new people in the open mapping community, and generally have a good time. The first few rounds of drinks, along with empanadas and some rounds of pool, darts, and skeeball, is on us. Rocket Bar, 714 7th St NW (between H and G Streets).

Sunday, April 13th

9am - 5:30pm


Washington Convention Center
Track One Track Two
9:00 AM Doors open, come for coffee!
Data & Drones OpenStreetMap in your Organization
9:30 AM

Open Data Alchemy: Making OpenStreetMap a Gem of Many Facets

Christopher Helm, Esri

Capturing Local Knowledge of Urban Food Resources Using OpenStreetMap

Sterling Quinn, The Pennsylvania State University
10:00 AM

Drone Imagery For OpenStreetMap

Bobby Sudekum and Baptiste Tripard, Mapbox and senseFly

US Bicycle Route System Mapping

Steve All, Adventure Cycling Association
10:30 AM Coffee break
Cartography and Design Government and Humanitarian Relief
11:00 AM

Lessons Learned from Experimental Film

Eric Theise

OpenStreetMap in Government

Robert Soden, University of Colorado Boulder
11:30 AM

Advanced CartoCSS Tricks

Kate Watkins, Seth Fitzsimmons and Alan McConchie

Open Data for Resilience: OpenStreetMap for Disaster Risk Management

John Crowley, The World Bank Group
12:00 PM

Designing OpenStreetMap

Nicki Dlugash, Mapbox

Building a Community: HOT in Indonesia

Kate Chapman, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
12:30 PM Lunch
Rendering OpenStreetMap Government and Humanitarian Relief
2:00 PM

Processing OpenStreetMap Into Vector Tiles

Dane Springmeyer, Mapbox

Inside the Eye of a HOT Activation

Dale Kunce, Red Cross
2:30 PM

osm2pgsql/mapnik: Optimizing the Rendering Toolchain

Paul Norman

MapGive: A Coordinated Campaign for Action

Joshua S. Campbell, U.S. Department of State
3:00 PM

Running Your Own Rendering Infrastructure

Seth Fitzsimmons, Stamen

Geo Tools for First Responders

Richard Welty, Averill Park Networking
3:30 PM Coffee break
Importing Data Government and Humanitarian Relief
4:00 PM

GeoGit Based OpenStreetMap Import Workflows

Jeffrey Johnson, Boundless

OpenStreetMap as Infrastructure

Elizabeth McCartney (US Geological Survey) and Mikel Maron (CrowdCover)
4:30 PM

I Imported Chicago

Ian Dees, OpenStreetMap US

Park Tiles: Customizing OpenStreetMap Cartography and Infrastructure

Mamata Akella and Jim McAndrew, National Park Service
5:00 PM

Addresses, One County at a Time

Toby Murray

Open Data and the City

Renee Sieber, McGill University

Monday, April 14th

9am - 5pm

Sprint day

American Red Cross

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