April 12 & 13, 2014 State of the Map US

Designing OpenStreetMap

Day: Sunday
Time: 12:00pm

This session showcases a variety of maps designed with OpenStreetMap data and walks through key design decisions for different types of maps. It specifically highlights how the same data source is used to style base maps designed for different functions, from routing and navigation to data visualization. It focuses on the design work that helps optimize each map for its specific function, regarding concepts such as iconography, color schemes, and typographic systems. The session dives into how these decisions help to control the density of information through a process of editing, simplifying, and creating strong visual hierarchies.

For example, a social search map like Foursquare’s highlights neighborhoods using contrasting labeling hierarchies, versus a locator map like Mozilla’s features highly exaggerated city labels. Versatile maps for the news room like the Financial Times map use a simple yet sophisticated color scheme to create a flattened visual background and the road styling in maps for car navigation is very different from maps for tracking runs.


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