April 12 & 13, 2014 State of the Map US

Faites Vos Jeux: Announcing MapRoulette Next Generation

Day: Saturday
Time: 10:15am

Remember MapRoulette? Great times! Together, we fixed everything that was obliterated in the wake of the licence change in a matter of weeks! And after that, we squashed around 100k other annoying map errors.

Now, a year older and wiser, we’re ready to present MapRoulette NG and some of its exciting new features. For mappers, there will be M0AR challenges to choose from. Want to work in a specific area only? We have you covered! Are you a power mapper or just starting out? Challenges now come in easy, normal and expert flavors! The new leaderboards and user stats make working together to improve OSM even more fun!

If you see a map problem you want fixed and you think MapRoulette is the ideal way to get it done, we have you covered, too! MapRoulette NG sports a brand new API that lets you feed it new tasks as often as you want. I will give some examples of new challenges to come out of the Telenav QA pipeline, and talk a little about how Telenav is starting to use MapRoulette internally.


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