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April 12 & 13, 2014 State of the Map US

OpenStreetMap as Infrastructure

Day: Sunday
Time: 4:00pm

This session will show how OpenStreetMap’s render stack, editor and web application can be used to power collaborative mapping efforts beyond OpenStreetMap. OpenStreetMap’s software is unique and powerful as infrastructure for building communities of contributors. What happens when OpenStreetMap software is reused for new data sets and communities beyond

The USGS deployed a fork of the OpenStreetMap website one year ago, for volunteers to augment National Map, and now expanded to all 50 US states. The CrowdCover Moabi project is using OpenStreetMap code for collaboratively mapping and monitoring forests and natural resource extraction in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Both projects have made bets on OpenStreetMap infrastructure in very different environments. In this session Elizabeth McCartney and Mikel Maron will lay out a practical technical and social vision for OpenStreetMap as infrastructure. They will explain the motivations for adopting OpenStreetMap software, share their experience and share what it takes to customize the OpenStreetMap stack.


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